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Working together to reduce injury and provide a safer future for all Victorians.

Your support for The Alfred’s STAY SAFE OVER SUMMER campaign will help expand our Trauma Service, giving trauma patients the best possible chance to return to the life that was taken away from them in a split second.


The cornerstone of the trauma service expansion will be The Alfred’s first, purpose-built facility dedicated to the early recovery of trauma patients. It will provide progressive and supportive therapy while patients also have their acute care needs met in the days or weeks after their accident.


Your gift will help expand The Alfred’s Trauma Service by:

  • providing a new Active Therapy Zone allowing a patient’s road to recovery to begin earlier
  • providing a new Surgical Procedure Zone for trauma patients who require acute intervention
  • providing 40 more patient beds 
  • providing the latest state-of-the-art medical equipment
  • providing more single patient rooms for more space and privacy
  • providing a new welcoming and friendly waiting area and family meeting room for a patient’s loved ones
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